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This page includes descriptions of books written and published by Avraham Anouchi, a short desription of the one he is writing now and a shorter one of the book he is planning to write next.


The Hidden Scroll by Avraham Anouchi

The Hidden Scroll is an archaeological and historical novel spanning from 1930 to 2015 on a professor impassioned by his search for ancient parchments and artifacts from the time of the second Temple of Jerusalem and the Maccabeean era. He encounters obstacles by a radical Islamist organization dedicated to undermine the Jewish claim to the land of Israel – obstacles that include murders, kidnappings, spies, suicide bombers and forged parchments in Rome, Paris, Oran, Buenos Aires, Istanbul, Tibet and archaeological excavations in Israel. The search ends with two most unexpected and dramatic discoveries in a new excavation site in Israel.

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אגרת המסורת - זכרונות - אברהם  אנושי

IGERET HAMASSORET    - -   המסורת אגרת


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THE LEGACY - A Memoir in English

This memoir was inspired by my desire to publish my experiences while growing up in Haifa, the city that I love. It is written in the form of a letter from a grandfather to his very young grandchildren,

Jewish history and traditions are woven into the manuscript to keep the interest of young adult Jewish children. The essence of this book can be summed up in two words - PASSION and TRADITION. The former is the passion for the land of Israel; and the latter is the desire to pass the Jewish tradition, the Massoret, to the next generation


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SPACE MISSION - A Thrilling Deep Space Adventure

The free world industrial revolution is endangered by the earth’s fast consumption of rare earth elements. Professor Avner Amram’s scientists develop a sophisticated spectroscopic instrument that can remotely detect the presence of critical rare earth elements in outer space. CIA, KGB and Mossad agents are entangled in spying and counter intelligence while searching for stolen plans and technology secrets related to space missions. Drawings and software are stolen from the Jet Propulsion Laboratories, copied and sent to the Kremlin. A mole recruited by a foreign country is arrested. Avner and his associates are drawn into the mayhem. They encounter industrial espionage and intrigues as they prepare for unmanned space probes. Secrets leaked to Russia result in a race of unmanned probes to Mars and asteroids. Avner’s team reaches a resolution with unexpected conclusions.



The King is Dead  Long Live the Queen

The events in Judea prior to the arrival of the Romans are rooted in the struggle between Queen Salome Alexandra and her brother Shimon Ben Shetach on one side and King Alexander Yannay on the other. The events in 1980 center on the search by archaeology professor Avner Amram for information on the Queen and her success in saving the Sanhedrin. These two periods are described in an entertwined way. It starts in 112 BCE with eight year old Shimon Ben Shetach encountering three horsemen. When he returns a lost money pouch, he is rewarded with a gold bracelet which he gives to his sister Salome. In 1980, Archaeology Professor Avner Amram examines a parchment and a few coins minted by the Hashmonean King Alexander Yannay. I am interested in any comments - gramatical, sentence structure and any historical information of that era.



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